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The last time I knew everything about parenting was right before I had my first kid.

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Holly Rudnick - Intuitive Coach for Parents

Welcome.  My name is Holly.   I am a talented intuitive who loves coaching parents.   I assist parents in  discovering the confidence to parent in the way that works for them, their child,  and their family.  I am knowledgeable, non-judgemental and easy to talk to.  In our sessions you will feel safe and cared for.  

I help parents feel good, stress less, and enjoy their kids more.

I help parents learn the lessons their children are here to teach them.  

I believe we need more people in our village and I love being a part of my clients' village.

I believe the answers lie within you.  I guide you through the session using my intuitive skills to discover those answers. This often allows parents to get to where they want to be faster.  

I help parents feel confident with their parenting choices and cruise along their unique parenting path.

Parents come to me because they feel anxious, worried, tired, guilty  or unfulfilled.   Their kids won't "behave", they are worried they are not picking right school, their child is a slow reader, should they sleep train the baby,  they found a vape in their kids room, they don't like their kids friends, the family schedule is making them crazy, they feel like a bad parent for the choices they are making.  Parents can point to all the reasons they feel this way.  The only reason parents feel this  way is that they are telling themselves a story that justifies their feelings.  I help parents unwind that story, find its origin, and  have the confidence to write a new one.  I will invite you to tap into a deep part of yourself where you will discover your truth.  It is a beautiful thing to witness.  I can't wait to witness your new stories!

Curious as to how intuitive coaching is different from traditional coaching?  Click the button below for a beautiful explanation.

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