Payment must be received before booking session.

Get To Know You/Me Session

20 minutes focused on you. Use this time to see if coaching is something that might work for you.  A good time to ask any question you may have and to make sure we are a good fit!

One Hour Intuitive Session

One hour intuitive session. $200  Asking for assistance from your guides and ancestors I will relay messages from the divine. I will be with you as you gain clarity on whatever it is that you are currently struggling with.  After this session you will have a better knowing of your next right step and the confidence to take it.

Parent Boot Camp

One month 4 sessions - $800,  60-75 min each  - Every parent goes through a moment where they are like “I didn’t sign up for this”.   No one provided a how-to manual and that’s fine.  You don’t need one because you possess the manual for your child in you.  You just need the confidence to access it.  Within these 4 sessions I will help you find that confidence so you can be the parent your child needs.

Level Up Your Parenting

A three month package, $1000.  Includes six sessions over a three month period, spaced out however you prefer.  Three months allows you to really go deep into your parenting journey and yourself. It gives you time to really notice your patterns and consciously take a look at how and why you want to do better.    This package includes the ability to text me questions when situations come up between session.

Intuitive Coaching Series

One month, 4 sessions. $800  An Intuitive coaching series that will really set you on the right path to reach whatever it is you desire!  Come ready to do the work and after completion of this package you will be well on your way to your goal.