Get to Know Me

My Journey

I realize that I have been heading towards this work since I was a little girl.  I intuitively knew there was more to life than what I was seeing.  I searched outside of myself for years, trying to find whatever it was I was missing.  Marriage and motherhood, then cancer and the death of a parent, allowed me, and at times forced me, to look inward. The answers always lie within.  My path to becoming a coach is a path I have unknowingly been on for a long time.  Chance meetings, comments, book suggestions, classes … looking back they all make perfect sense.  They all brought me to this place.  Along the way, I worked with amazing teachers.  I learned to show up for myself and did the work that was necessary to find my purpose, my fulfillment, and, ultimately, my peace.  My path has led me to a place where I’m ready to help others see the joy that is all around them.  To help others know that even when it seems dark, the light eventually comes.  I can help show you how a slight change in perspective, awareness, or maybe both, can change your world.  

As an Intuitive coach I can assist you on your journey to finding your peace, purpose, and fulfillment.  If you are having difficulties in your relationships, are struggling to be the parent you want to be, have this feeling that there should be something more to life or you just want to start waking up feeling happy, please contact me.  Let’s get started creating the life you desire.  



One year Intuitive Coach Training - Mind Body Spirit Center